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Take Control

The iON App gives you ultimate control with the ability to operate your iON Cameras from your smartphone or tablet.

Whether you’re an iPhone, iPad or Android owner you can control your iON Air Pro™ via the Apple or Android App, which is completely free to download from App store or Play Store. Not only does it let you start, stop and pause recording of your iON Air Pro™ but you can transfer files from your SD card to your phone and share images for instant uploading. So, as soon as you’ve hit the bottom of the slope, unclipped your bindings or set foot on dry land, everyone else can see it on Facebook or YouTube page.


Change Camera Settings

The settings tab allows you to change numerous settings on your camera; choose from single shot, burst, and timelapse in the photo settings; 1080p and 720p at different frame rates in the video settings; file recording type, auto power, and the auto rotate feature in the general settings.

Live View and Gallery

The remote tab allows you to see exactly what you are shooting and remote stop/start your camera. By tapping the iON logo tab it takes you to the gallery where you can view and share your content immediately after you shoot it. By linking your Cloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you can share your content with all your friends in real time.

Keep an iON your home

The iON the home App gives you ultimate control with the ability to live stream, record, and monitor your home or business from anywhere.

Are the kids having fun with the sitter? Is the dog being good? (Or, more likely, bad?) Is your home secure? With iON the home video camera, you can easily stay connected to the people, pets, and places that matter most. It’s cloud based Wi-Fi monitoring give you 24/7 live streaming, two-way talk, and remote viewing.

iON the home video camera is so easy to set-up you will be up and running in no time. Plus, you control it all from your smartphone or tablet.

iON The Home Website


Simple and Easy Setup

The free iON the home app for Android® and iOS® makes setting up your cameras a breeze with 4 simple steps and your ready to access your cameras from anywhere.

Step 1

Enter your home or business Wi-Fi network information

Step 2

Camera LED will blink red and blue indicating it is ready to connect

Step 3

A QR code will display on mobile device; hold device 6″ from front of camera until camera chimes

Step 4

Camera will connect itself to your wireless network and register itself with the cloud services

Live View

The cameras tab allows you to access all of your registered cameras and live view them straight from your mobile device. In the live view mode, you can also change each camera’s settings, enable night vision, record video or snap a photo, and use the 2-way audio system.

Have Questions?

The settings tab allows you to view your account settings and have direct access to our customer support without having to leave the app.