Bill McDonald capturing the FLW Tour on the iON camera

Bill McDonald capturing the FLW Tour on the iON camera

Brad Weigmann said “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that professional anglers are utilizing Point of View (POV) cameras to capture themselves fishing. Some have even gone so far as to video themselves during the tournament to watch later or post on Facebook or other internet websites. FLW Tour professional angler Bill McDonald is capitalizing on the advancements in POV cameras using iON cameras to video and photograph while on the water fishing.


Professional FLW Tour angler Bill McDonald uses iON cameras to capture his fishing adventures. By utilizing different mounting accessories, McDonald is able to capture the moment he catches a big bass or an early morning boat ride down the lake. Not surprising, McDonald has figured out where and how to attach his iONs ( to get the best view of every fish jumping or being landed making for great images for Facebook or his other social media pages.


iON has several fishermen friendly cameras. The lightweight, waterproof, Wi-Fi and aerodynamic designs of iON make them a great choice for anglers.”

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