Camtrol has the best camera rigs and camera accessories for action sports freeshooters who want to capture high-quality footage of all their adventures.

Camtrol was originally created with you – the action sports athlete – in mind, so it has all the features needed to get you great shots of all your skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and biking tricks. Camtrol’s camera stabilizers, the Prime, Prime 22, and Sniper 1080, are made of high-quality, durable materials with your comfort in mind. And the Sniper 1080 is the perfect camera rig for your wicked POV shots, with an iON, Contour, or the weapon of your choice.

With it’s ergonomic Action Control Grip, Camtrol gives you total control even when you’re on a high speed downhill run or turning flips on your skateboard. Camtrol’s aircraft-quality anodized aluminum body makes it sturdy enough to handle icy weather conditions or a few knocks and bumps.



The professional film cinematographer will certainly find many uses for any of Camtrol’s stabilizer rigs. You will find our Prime rigs useful for everything from a low angle follow shot, to a mid-chest shot, to an over-the-shoulder shot. Above all, Camtrol camera rigs are great for scenes where you want handheld control without the handheld jitter.

Camtrol camera rigs are made of the highest quality materials available, so you can be sure they will hold up to professional standards. The body is constructed of airplane quality anodized aluminum, which makes it extremely durable. The ergonomic Action Control Grip offers the user unsurpassed comfort, control, and an endless number of configurations.

Camtrol stabilizes your camera by way of a vertical stabilizing bar made of polyurethane with 8 energy absorbing air channels. Furthermore, the three ball joints allow you to position the rig any number of ways, while also creating a kinetic chain, which helps stabilize your camera by distributing any jitter throughout the chain.

Camtrol’s Prime 22 has our new redesigned Remote Mounting Plate, that doubles as a leverage point for your thumb and is easily removable. We’ve also added 2 additional 1/4 20 female mounting holes. Improved larger thumbscrew with diamond cut traction allows the professional to change out cameras more easily. An adjustable quadpod stabilizing platform with 4 collapsable legs makes it simple to put down your expensive gear with peace of mind.

Most film productions have any number of high end tools and camera accessories at their disposal, and a Camtrol rig should certainly be in the cinematographer’s tool belt. Camtrol camera rigs can help you achieve many specific shots that other less specialized equipment wouldn’t quite be able to capture. When you need to get a low angled follow shot that has that casual handheld feel without the jitter, there’s no better option than Camtrol. Camtrol allows you to shoot free-handed shots like these while still maintaining professional control over picture quality.



Videographers need a great DSLR video rig like Camtrol, perhaps more than any other camera user. Videographers are often hired to capture events like weddings, birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and corporate events. The one thing all these events have in common? The people you need to film are constantly moving, in any direction they please. Thus, as the videographer, you need to be able to shoot free-handed and feel confident you can give your clients the clear, steady footage they desire.

Videographers will love Camtrol’s comfortable and ergonomic Action Control Grip (ACG). Not only does it give you unprecedented control, but it also positions into unlimited configurations to allow you to shoot from a limitless variety of angles. And it will decrease fatigue in your hands and wrists.

With Camtrol camera rigs and accessories, you can comfortably get low angle shots for those close-up’s of dancing feet, shoulder supported shots for full room views, and a variety of overhead shots to catch all of the dancers in the middle of a dance circle.

There can be no comparison to the quality of the Camtrol Prime’s materials. Its aircraft-quality anodized aluminum body is both lightweight and incredibly strong so as to protect your valuable camera equipment.

It’s retractable quad pod legs make it easy to set your camera down on any terrain, something especially helpful to videographers who may shoot outdoors and have no access to tables. Finally, the Prime’s three ball joints allow you to configure it any number of ways while creating a kinetic chain to absorb shock and vibrations.

For videographers,who often capture events that cannot be re-shot, it’s crucial to get it right the first time. We feel confident that with a Camtrol camera rig, you’ll deliver clear, steady footage to your clients every time.



Film and video prosumers, non-professionals who enjoy creating professional-level projects, will find plenty to love about Camtrol’s camera rigs and camera accessories. Any one of our Prime camera stabilizers will help you get clear, high-quality shots that look handheld without the discomfort or jitter of actually shooting handheld.

Camtrol stabilizes your camera by way of a vertical stabilizing bar made of polyurethane with 8 energy absorbing air channels. Additionally, Camtrol camera rigs are constructed of the highest quality materials available. The body is comprised of airplane-quality anodized aluminum, which makes the rig sturdy and helps it absorb shock and vibrations. The rig’s ergonomic Action Control Grip allows for incomparable comfort and control.

Furthermore, Camtrol’s three ball joints allow you to configure the rig into an unlimited number of positions, while also creating a kinetic chain, which helps distribute any vibrations along the chain so they cannot reach your camera. When all these elements are combined, the result is a camera rig that offers unsurpassed stabilization, comfort, and control.

Film students will find Camtrol especially useful. Film students will find that Camtrol’s versatility and portability will enable them to shoot high quality projects even when they don’t have access to a full range of equipment. Camtrol is also a great tool when you need to shoot in small spaces like apartments and college dorms as it’s very compact. And when you’re done for the day, you can easily fold up your Camtrol to fit in a camera bag, or in the glove compartment of a car.

Documentarians will love how easily Camtrol makes it to get high quality free-handed shots. In particular, low-angle follow shots and over-the-shoulder shots, both commonly used in documentaries, are two of Camtrol’s strong suits.

Whether you’re a film student, a documentarian, or just someone who likes to create professional looking videos, Camtrol camera rigs will greatly enhance your film-making abilities. Any of the rigs in Camtrol’s Prime line will give you the freedom of free-handed shooting, without sacrificing the steady, high-quality footage you desire.



For the video or photography enthusiast, Camtrol camera rigs are essential tools to get that important shot. Maybe you’re a dad who wants to capture great footage of his kid’s first football game, or maybe you’re just a camera gadget lover. Either way, Camtrol has a lot to offer just about anyone with a passion for shooting great videos.

A Camtrol camera rig is a must-have camera accessory for those who like to get everything–holidays, birthdays, sports games, office parties–on video. DSLRs and camcorders easily attach to our Camtrol Prime and Sniper 1080 rigs, allowing you to shoot from a variety of different angles. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about shakiness when you’ve got the Camtrol rig on your side.

The Camtrol Prime is designed to steady your small camera even when you’re laughing at whatever your kids are doing on camera. And the Camtrol Sniper 1080 helps you capture those fun POV shots like a pro.

The secret to Camtrol Prime’s stabilizing abilities? Its materials and construction. The body is made of airplane-quality anodized aluminum, giving the Prime its incredible durability and shock-absorbing abilities. Camtrol easily folds up into a compact shape for easy transporting and packing and features an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling.

The Camtrol Prime works well as a camcorder rig or DSLR rig, but it also works great with your iPhone or iPad. You can keep your Camtrol camera rig in your car’s glove compartment or folded in your camera bag, so even if you don’t have your DSLR with you, you can still capture great stable video by combining your iPhone with your Camtrol Prime.

Whether you’re looking to film your kids’ sports games, a friend’s wedding, or a family reunion, Camtrol’s stabilizer rigs will ensure that you not only capture the event, but that you get the highest quality, clearest footage possible.