iON the Home Android App (APK)

iON the Home Android App (APK)

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Create Date 03/20/2020
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Where did the iON the Home App go on the Google Play Store?

iON Camera is aware that the Android Smartphone App for the discontinued iON the HOME product is not currently available for download via Google Play.

You would need to manually download and install the App on your SmartDevice. Some Android OS9 users may run into compatibility issues.

You can click the DOWNLOAD button above to trigger the download or click here open the file in Dropbox. Once the Dropbox screen opens, click on the Download button.

How do I install an .APK file?

iON Camera is unable to provide you with installation assistance as this is an .APK file. You may want to contact your wireless or device manufacturer for assistance.

The following instructions are provided as a reference from a 3rd party website on how to install .APK files on your device.

I downloaded the update.. .now what?

You still need to make sure you have run the Cloud Update or your iON the Home camera will not access the Cloud Server platform.

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