How do I know if my DashCam is Powered On?

How do I know if my DashCam is Powered On?

In order for the DashCam to be operational, it requires a 3.7V DC adapter with power running through to be connected at all times. If mounted in a car, the camera will start up when the engine is started.


When the DashCam is operational, the Blue Battery LED and Green Wi-Fi LED will be solid when starting up.

When booted up, A Red LED will indicate that recording has started. A voice can be heard to let you know that normal recording has started.


You can also test by operating the camera by pressing the shutter button (camera logo) on the button panel to take a picture. A camera shutter can be sound to indicate that a photo has been taken.


Please ensure that the camera is connected to a power source when using.


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