You can Reset the device by holding the power button for 10-15 seconds

You can Reset the device by holding the power button for 10-15 seconds.

For step by step instructions on how to upgrade your iON SnapCam firmware, plus video tutorials, quick start guides and SnapCam specific FAQs please see our dedicated SnapCam Support pages.

Yes you can, however there is a process. As soon as a power source is added to an iON Camera it automatically goes in to sync mode. * Press and hold the power button so that it powers down. * Hold the power button again…

*Make sure you are only using the USB cable that was included with your iON camera. *Always power your iON camera first and then connect to your PC or MAC. *When connecting via USB cable, always connect directly to your PC. Do not use USB…

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*Disconnect your iON camera from your PC. *Power your iON camera. *Take 1 to 2 photos and power down your iON camera. *Power your iON camera and connect to your PC. *Your ion.exe will then show up.

*Make sure you are using the correct and compatible memory card. Please refer to your iON model user manual for memory card requirements. *Download and install QuickTime, and reboot your PC before playing your videos again.

The iON will record one version of the video in HD and the other is lower resolution of the same video which is used for most social media applications such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

*For almost all of our products, the iON camera video format is MP4. * For the iON Air Pro 3, the video format is .MOV. * We recommend the use of Quicktime or a similar Video Player for video playback.   Please download and install QuickTime…